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Painting Music Masters

May 19, 2010

What fun! After thinking about it for many, many months, listening to the masters, I finally finished my first two watercolors:  Celebrating Mozart and Beethoven’s Joy.

People say they can see the music and that my Abstract Synchronism style paintings actually speak to who the master was.

After the music masters, I was minding my own business when one of my students brought me a photograph at our Saratoga Springs State Park that just struck me and I had to paint it. And I decided that I would put The Hope Diamond into the cave in the photograph. While I was painting in acrylic on canvas board, the rocks turned into this mystic looking up at the sky and The Hope Diamond glowed out of his belly. Most interesting how the painting told me what it wanted to look like!


Artist Barbara Garro’s Latest Self-Portrait

April 19, 2010