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The Art of Faith and Building a Relationship with Jesus

June 23, 2011

Faith? Got some? Want some? Want more? Do you believe that Jesus is user-friendly? Do you believe you have a friend in Jesus? Do you talk about Jesus with people you know? Do people you know talk about Jesus with you? Do you attend a church? Are you looking for a friendly church?

As the author of Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love and From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage, I have learned that many people have more questions than answers about Jesus, faith, believing and church.

So, I took action. On June 21, 2011, I started the worldwide Believers Jesus Movement, a sola Internet movement to encourage believers to use their Social Networks, Blogs, E-Mails, E-Newsletters, and Websites to share their faith stories, talk about Jesus, start Jesus conversations, share church experiences, and start faith discussions.

For those who would like a more public community, visit and search for “Barbara+Garro” and/or “Believers+Jesus+Movement.” You should then find my worldwide Believers Jesus Movement Community on

Have questions? Call me at 518-587-9999.