Creative Save the Trees Green Cards

The frugal artist creates amazing cards that get noticed.

In the beginning, manufacturers created picture cards, usually good stock and sturdy, unlike so many cheap-looking expensive ready-made cards.

How to make them into something planet friendly and special:

1. Take all the cards you get and consider making picture cards out of them for all occasions. Wait until you see how beautiful they become. For example, a chintzy little nothing card added to the frame of a photo card creates quite the impression.
2. For the Christmas holidays, when I get the most cards, I get the photo cards at half price. Warning: make sure you are getting the photo cards that allow you to slide in the picture and avoid the ones with the little sticky strips.

Now, you may have cards that don’t work as photo cards for any number of reasons. You can also cut them down (if they are flat and no one has written on them) and create postcards, which cost nearly half of what first class stamps cost. And, busy people really like not having to open up envelopes.

That’s my green tip going into the New Year.

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