Finished Painting “The Heart of Jackie (Kennedy Onassis)”

As an artist and a poet painting and writing portraits of famous people, the project becomes exciting from the first research through book after book, site after site, discussion after discussion, until I have what I need to create a realistic portrait in an image that speaks of having been immersed in that person over a long period. I learned so much about Jackie and her life with her husbands, John F. Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, children, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy, Jr., grandchildren,  Rose, Tatiana and Jack, and Maurice Templesman. Jackie and Jack were happiest just before he was assassinated, according to statements Jackie made before they went to Texas.

Imagine being the son of John F. Kennedy, who died when you were a tot, stating that Ari Onassis was the only father he ever knew.

In The Heart of Jackie, I placed both husbands, all four children,  and all three grandchildren in a variety of images surrounding Jackie, looking serene and beautiful.

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  1. Barbara this was wonderful, you know how I fell in love with it, and now your paintings are featured at the Library in Saratoga Springs. How proud we all are of you, who know you.

    Sincerely, Nancy

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